Mikołaj75, a modeller known for 1/72 kits impressive superdetailing, posted on Polish forums his work-in-progress report from the Arma Hobby 1/72 PZL P.7a build. He kindly allowed us to show his photos and comments in the Armahobbynews.pl Gallery!

Look what an experienced modeller can do with this simple kit!

Mikołaj wrote:

I like this aeroplane. It reminds me of less a thoroughbred warrior than an agile skirmisher who can overcome the dumber thugs. For a long time, it didn’t hit my workshop, but now, due to delays in other projects, I took it for a quick build.

  • Advantages: logical design of kit parts, very good fit;
  • disadvantages: trailing edge and parts cleaning (this can be a problem only for beginners).

Range of modifications you can see on the photos – fuselage surface details and wing trailing edge sharpening at the cost of losing the wing undersurface texture.

Control panel is aftermarket from Yahu. I scratchbuilt various little details like the tail skid, rods in the Townend ring, step, riveting.

Painted with various paints, main camouflage colour is Bilmodel.

Dwa P.7a Deluxe Set – Galeria – Sławek Kusz


PZL P.7a Leopolda Pamuły – zdjęcia modelu

PZL P.7a w barwach US Navy – Galeria – Wojtek Werpachowski

PZL P.7a – malowania z zestawu Deluxe set

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