Today we present the contents of the model kit box. So let’s check what’s inside!

In-box P.11c in 1/48 scale

The first difference that will immediately catch your eye is the box’s size, clear when compared to the packaging of the 1/72 model. The second is its sturdiness. As you asked many times, the package is robust thanks to the matching cardboard insert like a drawer. It will hide the parts of the model during assembly, and it will be convenient to store them there

In the model, we took care of the correct shape, good surface and interior detailing. Corrugated sheet and attachment stripes on the wings, latches and larger rivets were reproduced as the model’s scale allowed. The model has a very rich cockpit interior, decals, photoetched parts and pre-cut masks for the windscreen and wheels. Wheels with a slight deflection of the tire will assembly be in the right position. We left to the modellers to add wires for installation in the interior of the cabin and tension stripes for the chassis legs.

Please accept my apologies for some photos quality. It wasn’t my day when talking about making photos of kit parts.

Kalkomanie do modelu P.11c Expert Set w skali 1/48

Close view photos of the P.11c 1/48 scale kit

Instrukcja PZL P.11c Expert Set 1/48

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