Modellers from Koszalin Modeller Platoon had a spontanous group build of the FM-2 Wildcat kit. Three models from Expert Set were built by Marek Filzek, Marcin Wawrzynkowski an Wojciech Sokołowski.

Initially, there were no indications that testing the new Arma Hobby model, the FM-2 Wildcat fighter, would turn into a group project. Marek, Marcin and Wojtek assembled models. Each of them started at a different time and adopted a different concept and colour scheme. As the end of work on all three replicas coincided with the time, we decided to present them together as a group project.

Since Arma Hobby is known for the fact that a very in-depth historical analysis supports all the painting schemes in their models, this project turned out to be the most diverse, and we hope exciting of all we have been able to do so far. Thanks to our models, you can learn about three exciting episodes of World War II, which were held together by the FM-2 Wildcat fighter that took part in them.

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