When we posted first news about forthcoming FM-2 Wildcat kit, modellers usually asked: „what markings in the box?” or „what about decals”. We understand this curiosity very much. Pictures of good quality sprues of new release kit make modellers mind to start planning next build. And the first question is: what are the best possible markings for this kit? Let’s see what inside box of Expert Set!

Choosing marking for FM-2 was not that easy. There are four camouflage schemes to be included, tri-colour, Sea Blue overall, ASW white-grey and classic British Temperate Sea Scheme. Also, we should include markings of aeroplanes with and without HVAR rockets. It was hard to select markings for all three boxes planned.

FM-2 Wildcat colour options in Expert Set

  • FM-2 Wildcat, BuNo unknown/B6, Composite Squadron VC-10, CVE-73 USS Gambier Bay, pilot Ens. Joseph Dennis McGraw, Battle off Samar, 25 October 1944.
  • FM-2 Wildcat, BuNo 16262/B19, Composite Squadron VC-10, CVE-73 USS Gambier Bay, pilot Ltn. Herman J. Hardess, Marianas 15 czerwca 1944. The same codes (except BuNo) were on Sea Blue overall aeroplane during Battle off Samar.
  • FM-2 Wildcat, BuNo 16130/3, Composite Squadron VC-8, CVE-60 USS Guadalcanal, pilot Ltn. (j.g.). F.H. Behlen III, North Atlantic, 30 May 1944.
  • FM-2 Wildcat, BuNo unknown/1, Composite Squadron VC-69, CVE-60 USS Guadalcanal, North Atlantic, Autumn 1944. Aeroplane with HVAR rockets.
  • FM-2 Wildcat, BuNo unknown/2, Composite Squadron VC-96, CVE-81 USS Rudyard Bay, Okinawa, April 1945. Aeroplane with HVAR rockets.
  • Wildcat Mk VI, JV768/S-X, 882 Squadron FAA, HMS Searcher, pilot S.Lt. Ronald F. Moore, RNVR, claimed  ½ Bf-109G, „Operation Prefix”, Trondheim, Norway, 26 March 1945, Bonus – serials and code letter for two other aeroplanes from this fight.


Decals by Techmod

Techmod printed huge decals sheet 18 x 8.5 cm with new technology (varnish on the top of markings). Decal sheet consist all markings with HVAR stencils included too.

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