Today, the answer to the most common question about the Wildcat model: about the engine. Some modellers were slightly disappointed with photos of the engine on the sprues. Indeed, it may seem at first glance that this is a simplified double-row radial engine. However, the FM-2 had a different powerplant than previous versions, and its full body shape is available in the set. See precisely how the engine in the latest Arma Hobby model looks.

FM-2 engine with two different propeller hubs

The engine of the FM-2 Wildcat model

The FM-2 was powered with the popular Wright R1820 single row radial engine. It was a power unit that revitalised the aeroplane, increasing its performance. An interesting feature of this drive unit is the metal inserts filling of the space between the cylinders. They direct the airflow closer to the cylinder, improving its cooling. Therefore, the engine in the model at first glance looks like a half engine, with a circular back wall. But if you look at the back of this part, you can see the other half of the cylinders and exhaust pipe exits and fuel pipes supplying the mixture to the cylinders. There are four more air inlets between the lower cylinders at the front (the photo-etched parts add a grille to these inlets). The continuation of these inlets can be found on the firewall.

Firewall and exhaust pipes

The firewall in the FM-2 was utterly different in the previous version: F4F. Also, to the wall were attached exhausts.  After assembly, they will be visible in the cutouts on the sides of the hull. A specific feature of the aircraft is the asymmetry: there are three pipes on the starboard side and only two on the port side. With four pipes on the bottom, this makes a total of nine pipes, which is as many as the number of were cylinders. The engine crankcase is a separate element together with 18 valve tappets. Also, the aggregate with a photoetched drive chain is added to the crankcase. The last addition to the look of the engine in the model are decals with nameplates for the engine crankcase.

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