A very fruitful year has passed at Arma Hobby. Modellers very well received two latest models, Yak-1b and Hurricane IIc. Discussions are underway in modelling forums, with a question what are Arma Hobby plans for 2020? Today we are unveiling the secret a little.

The end of the one sprue dilemma 

Arma Hobby models were known for the fact that parts of the model fit on one grey frame (plus transparent one). Simplicity and economic considerations justified this arrangement. We are a small company, and the cost of moulds is, of course, significant to us. The release of the single-frame model shortened the process from design to release of the product. So we did not have to wait for the second plastic frame. Now is the time to go forward and divide the model into two moulds. One mould for common parts shared between versions and one mould (or more moulds) responsible for individual versions of the aircraft.

When we released Hurricane models, the multi-mould format was too much of a challenge for us. For this, individual versions came out as separate, single frames. Hurricane model series will continue next year. We will inform you about these versions later.

Continuation of the model projects

Release of new versions of Hurricane will only take place after the production of several completely new models. We are not planning any other variants of the Yak-1 fighter in the nearest future. Also, versions of PZL P.11 / 24 will not be continued due to the topic being taken by a larger modelling company.

 What’s next in Arma Hobby?

Thank you very much for the discussions and “taking bets” what will be our next model on the PWM, Modelforum.cz and Britmodeler forums. There are so many options discussed that releasing each of these models would be a program for years. Not all of these ideas are feasible. Our next models will be selected from among popular international themes, preferably, though not always in connection with Polish aviation. We want to produce three-four new model designs per year, first of all, single-engine fighters from the Second World War.

The first project for 2020, planned for February-March, is the FM-2 Wildcat carrier-borne aircraft. Three boxes will be released:

  • 70031 FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set
  • 70032 Wildcat Mk VI Model Kit
  • 70033 FM-2 Wildcat Model Kit

In the Arma Hobby store, you will find them in the “coming soon” section and the Wildcat category. More about the content of models, variants of markings will be given soon. The project will continue in some time into the F4F-4 Wildcat version.

The next design of the model is planned for May-June 2020 and will be presented at a later date.

Coming news and promotions

In January, another Hurricane Mk IIc box will go on sale. Thanks to the discussions in armahobbynews.pl, we decided to change one markings option, because the previously selected variant had an earlier version of the tail wheel. We will probably also change one painting in the Hurricane Mk IIc trop set. Many thanks to Letalin for help in choosing the right painting.

Together with the release of the model, we will add to our store more accessories for Arma Hobby models, including Master turned barrels. Plastic frames, so-called “overtrees” and in deal-packages with full models will be available for a short time. If you want to catch this opportunity and learn about new Arma Hobby news – sign up for the newsletter here.

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