Yak-1b aircraft entered mass use on the Eastern Front in the decisive phase of the Battle of Stalingrad at the end of 1942 and served continuously until the end of the war in 1945. Looking for markings for model kits, we took the challenge of choosing the broadest possible range of painting and marking versions. Today we present the chosen ones that are included in the decals for two models of this aircraft from Arma Hobby, see what!

70027 Jak-1b Expert Set

The model contains six markings options, including two Polish from the 1st Warsaw Aviation Fighter Regiment. The aircraft have chosen for this set wear a variety of camouflage. Including early and late camouflage (black/green and grey/grey), there is also one of the Stalingrad winter one, factory painted with washable white paint. The marking of selected aircraft contains, of course, two Polish and Soviet, one French and one German.


Jak-1b, No. 4, 1 squadron, 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment, warrant officer Edward Chromy, Zadybie Stare airfield, Summer 1944 r. Read more: link.

Jak-1b, No. 13, 2 squadron, 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment, „ От польского патриота проф. Вольф-Мессинга польскому летчику”, sgt.  Hugon O’Brien, Operation Berlin 1945. Read more link.

Jak-1b, No. 2, 148 IAP, „Сталинскому соколу Леониду Смирнову от трудящихся Фрунзенского района г. Саратова” “to the Stalin’s Hawk Leonid Smirnov from workers of Frunze district of city Saratov”. Aeroplane flown by Regiment CO, capt. Leonid Smirnov. After his death flown by starshyy leytnant. Mikhail Shkomplektov, who has mistakenly landed on German airbase in  Anapa on 11 May 1943. Read more link.

Jak-1b, „Сталинскому соколу Леониду Смирнову от трудящихся Фрунзенского района г. Саратова” in German markings, Autumn 1943. Read more link.

Jak-1b, No. 26, 31 GIAP, „Лётчику Сталинградского фронта Гвардии Майору тов. Ерёмину от колхозника колхоза «Стахановец» тов. Головатова” – “to the Aviator of the Stalingrad Front Guard Major comrade Yeryomin from kolkhoz member of Stalinoviets kolkhoz comrade Golotov”, major Boris Yeryomin , Solodovka, Stalingrad Front, December 1942 r. Read more link.

Jak-1b, No. 6, GC3 Normandie, aspirant Albert Durand, Khatenki, Summer 1943.

70028 Jak-1b Model Kit

The model kit has three colour options selected. We have one Russian black and black camouflage from the Kursk battle, one Polish overall green post-war colours and one French – winter-wash white.

Yak-1b, No 23, 73 GIAP, Starshiy Leytnant Lydia Litvyak, Krasnyi Luch, July 1943, probably the most aticipated colour scheme. The last aeroplane flown by famous aviatrice. She has shot down or damaged ca. 6 Bf-109G during Kursk Battle and was finally killed in action on 1st August 1943.

Yak-1b, No 107, one of the 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment aeroplanes overhauled and repainted with new camouflage in late 1945. Aeroplane after short service period was given to Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.

Yak-1b, No 44, GC3 Normandie, Ltn. Marcel Albert, March 1943 r.

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Artwork by Zbyszek Malicki

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