Pierre Vizentini has sent us photos of his second Hurricane Mk I. Model was built in tropical markings of Free French fighter unit Groupe de Chasse 12 “Alsace”. It has a very interesting markings. French roundels painted on British ones. Reasee more pictures!

The plane is a year old, and also spent a year on desert … she crossed the Atlantic on the ship, then across Africa in flight. She traveled in several squadron of the RAF and ALSACE recovered it among the expendables from beginning 41 to late 42.
Too slow, too breathless … The pilots did what they could but they never flew, nor high enough, nor fast enough to intercept anything! The mechanics did what they could so that planes were able to fly in the sand and the sweltering heat of the day … The planes are … scary for some, very damaged for others (this is the case of 4) All have RAF markings covered with “new” paint DARK EARTH or LIGHT EARTH.
The Littolf, Tulasne, Raoul Duval, Neuvraumont, French aces have flown on these, it must be said; antiques! No one knows where the idea comes from, maybe Littolf or Lefevre, but one day tri-colored or quadricolored roundels have appeared! On pictures where we see many ALSACE planes we realize that they still have black noses.It is at this time that I represent my 4!

Hurricane Mk I trop – Gallery – Pierre Vizentini

Desert Hurricane Mk I – Gallery – Thibault Choquart

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