Pierre Vizentini has built Hurricane Mk I Expert set in markings of French ace James Denis. A tropicalised version of the aeroplane was attached to 73 Squadron RAF and use by French Flight pilots in early African Campaign 1941.

AS990 is one of the rare allied planes to have countered H J MARSEILLE to count the grains of sand of the Egyptian desert …

His pilot? Free French, James DENIS, member of the “French Fighter Flight” attached to 73 SQUADRON as C Flight. The daily unavailabilities of the planes … often 4 or 5 available for all the 73rd, make that the French also fly on aircraft of the other flight, in this case, the B flight, since the plane is code TP ° V.

AS990 arrived in Africa by boat to TAKORADI (in cash or on PA) and then transported for 5 days across Africa … with a well-known livery TEMPERATE aircraft, as during the Battle of Britain! It is repainted on the spot to be “more adapted” to the local operations!

He wears desert camo from the start of operations; DARK EARTH and LIGHT EARTH on LIGHT MEDITERRANEAN BLUE.

The installation of the VOKES filter causes repainting of the chin of the aircraft. The mechanics of Abu Sueir, have free choice of their painting and the results are very different from one plane to another. A “camo” becomes popular … the SPAGHETTI NOSE … a sand, alu or sky blue background, left as it is, or with brown and green spaghetti, spots and graffitis, nicknamed SAND AND SPINACH (colours already used on the camo destined for the delta of the Nile)

There are no pictures of the AS990 … too bad, but it had to look like this …

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