Within a few days Arma Hobby starts sale of TS-11 Iskra model. It is a good time to reveal pricing policy. See what different boxes will be released plastic models and what is the pricing policy.

Arma Hobby plastic kits will be released in following series:

Series Junior

The model for every pocket, addressed to the young modeller and to those of experts who just want to have a model ready in a few days. Junior kits will be convenient to create a collection of many color and marking schemes. The kit will include basic plastic parts and decals with one paint scheme and markings.

Series Expert

Probably the most popular – the basic model with photo-etched parts and canopy masks , decal with three versions, just enough to give the model a professional look at fair price.

Series Deluxe

Models for the most demanding modelers. In addition to the parts of the expert series kits – deluxe set will contain a large decals, extra photoetched parts and the additional resin components. The box includes two complete sets of plastic model accessories.


Resin accessories, photoetched parts and masks are prepared for release. Each accessory kit is available separately, so the modeler can freely choose himself level of kit upgrade, depending on his needs.

TS-11 Iskra release schedule

Plastic kits

  • 70001 Iskra Deluxe set – 45 EUR, from December 2015
  • 70002 Iskra Expert set – 14 EUR, from February 2016
  • 70004  Iskra Junior set – 9 EUR, from February 2016

Accessories set

  • 72078 TS-11 Iskra Engine set – 7 EUR, from December 2015
  • 72079 TS-11 Iskra Ejection seat (2), 5 EUR, from February 2016
  • 72083 TS-11 Interior set PE , 5 EUR, from February 2016
  • 72084 TS-11 Exterior set PE, 5 EUR, from February 2016
  • 72085 TS-11 Iskra main wheels, 4 EUR, from February 2016

See all TS-11 sets in Arma Hobby

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