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The very fruitful year 2017 is coming to an end for Arma Hobby. We released two plastic model kits in it. Plans for the next year are ambitious: doubling the result. See the preview of the next model kit!

Announcement of the PZL P.11c model in 1/72 scale

The first model planned for 2018 is the PZL P.11c model in the 1/72 scale. The model will be released at the beginning in two boxes: Expert Set and Junior Set. Developing the set was quite a challenge. The project gained a lot thanks to the experience gained during the development of the PZL P.7a and Fokker E.V. We tried not only to be faithful to the original but also easy to assemble. We took care of the mapping of corrugated iron and many, so far treated with neglect in detail models, such as the interior truss with installation details, machine guns, antenna masts and lifting hooks. We are especially pleased with the projection of the bottom of the front part of the fuselage, with the fuel tank, hooks on the chassis tendons and blinds. The model is in the process of starting the production of moulds. Below are 3D renderings of the model, plastic parts and sprue

3D Reneders of the P.11c  model kit

rendering 3D P.11c

myśliwiec puławskiego

P.11c od spodu

Model p-jedenaście

PZL P.11c

P.11c model kit details

usterzenie P.11c

wnętrze P.11c


zbiornik P.11c

silnik P.11c

podwozie P.11c

Plastic parts sprues of the P.11c model kit

Arma Hobby forma {P.11c

forma jedenastki 1/72

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PZL P.50 maybe next?

Claus Dam

Looking very much forward to this one. It’s not much of a surprise, though. The windscreen sprue in the P.7 kit included one for P.11., so… 🙂

Phil Peterson

My favorite Polish fighter.

Hoping the decals include the first allied kill.


Well, I was hoping fro another WWI subject as Eric stated above, but this is very nice.

Ben Fulcher

Beautiful! Can’t wait.

Eric Gallaud

Nice looking kit but not WW1 😉


I know Eric, I was so hoping it would be a SPAD VII C.1. Oh well! 🙂



We have been waiting for such a kit for a very long time !!!
Well done !


Hurrah! VERY excited to see that you’re releasing this one.


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