Author: Robert Bourlier

Upon graduation from college in 1971, enlisted in the USMC and attended Navy flight training in Pensacola, FL. Served in the Marines for 7 years active duty and 3 years reserves. While working as a salesman in Kansas City, Missouri, also flew attack helicopters with the Army National Guard and Reserves from which retired in 1996. Robert was hired by United Airlines in 1997 after 8 years with a commuter airline, retiring in 2014. Robert has been interested in the 118th TRS and reconnaissance P-51’s since 2000 when he found out that his uncle had served with that squadron as the armament officer and, as an artist, had designed the “Black Lightning” markings worn by their airplanes in China. Robert’s research into the Tac-R P-51’s has shown him how much misinformation has been published and posted on line about these airplanes. His goal is to provide updated information about these airplanes.