The last production sprue has already arrived from the tooling workshop – so we can officially announce: Hurricane Mk IIc in 1/48 scale is now available! Let’s take a look inside the box!

Just like the 1/48 scale PZL P.11c and the 1/72 scale Deluxe double sets, we packed the “big” Hurricane in a larger box, with an additional cardboard “drawer” inside. Such a box better protects the contents of the kit, and also allows for more convenient storage of kit parts during its assembly.

The model kit includes:

  • three grey plastic sprues
  • clear plastic sprue
  • decal sheet
  • self-adhesive pre-cut masks made of Japanese paper
  • instructions

Hurricane IIC w skali 1/48 – recenzja

Kit sprues

The basic sprues of the model kit are made of grey plastic. Marcin Ciepierski designed them in such a way that they represent the appearance of a real plane in the most realistic way, and at the same time that the model kit is pleasant to build. The division of parts on the frames is thought out so that in the future it would be easy to produce model kits of other Hurricane versions.

Sprue A

The first sprue, marked with the letter “A”, contains most of the fine details and is common to all versions of the Hurricane, from the Mk I until the end of production.

Sprue B

The second sprue is marked with the letter “B” – it is a sprue containing parts common to various Hurricane Mk II sub-versions – fuselage longer than in Mk I, larger radiator, Rotol propeller with two spinners, late version of the tail wheel, ordnance: bombs, fuel tanks… There is also a tropical filter, but desert and Far Eastern markings that allow you to use it will only be in the following editions. Look how carefully the texture of various surfaces has been rendered.

Nity, śruby, dzusy – Hurricane pod mikroskopem

Sprue C

The third sprue, with the letter “C”, is the wings and two variants of the 20mm cannons for Hurricane Mk IIc (and Sea Hurricane IIc). The variety of details was reproduced with great care: mushroom-head and flush rivets, screws, Dzus fasteners, lines of various widths: panel divisions, removable covers, ailerons and flaps.

Hurricane Mk IIC 1/48 – sklejony model testowy

Clear sprue

The sprue made of transparent plastic contains a separate windshield and two variants of the canopy – enabling it to be made in the open and closed position. In addition, the sprue includes landing-light covers, position lights, gunsight and mirrors.


A sheet of finely printed Techmod decals allows you to build Hurricane Mk IIc in three European camouflages: Temperate Land Scheme, Day Fighter Scheme and Night. We chose three of the most interesting markings available: the ace of aces of the RAF Robert Stanford Tuck, the most effective night Hurricane pilot Czech Karel “Kut” Kuttelwascher and the aircraft from the Polish No. 309 Squadron, on which Jerzy Mentzel, who later shot the Me-262 jet, earned his fighter wings.


Pre-cut and self-adhesive masks made of excellent Japanese “kabuki” paper will facilitate efficient and precise painting of wheels and canopy.


The kit’s instructions have been already presented in this article:

Hurricane Mk IIc w skali 1/48 – instrukcja modelu

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