Encouraged by the previous action of building Arma Hobby Hurricanes together, we decided to do something similar again – this time the Arma Hobby Wildcat Challenge!

Arma Hobby Hurricane Challenge

The rules are simple: Arma Hobby crew and friends build Wildcats – of course Arma Hobby Wildcats.

We invite to the Gallery!!!

Robert Wójcik

Experimental FM-2 Wildcat, NAMU3/1, Naval Air Modification Unit (NAMU), Johnsville, Pennsylvania, September 1946. Model built using 70034 FM-2 Wildcat™ Training Cats Limited Edition.

Ksawery Noszczak

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, VF-11 Sundowners,  Henderson Field, Guadalcanal 1943 r. Model built using 70048 F4F-4 Wildcat Model Kit.

Maciek Noszczak

FM-2 Wildcat, BuNo 16262/B19, VC-10, CVE-73 USS Gambier Bay aircraft carrier, pilot Cpt. Herman J. Hardess, Marianas, 15th June 1944 – built using 70031 FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set.

Zbyszek Malicki

FM-2 Wildcat, nr 8, “Hot Lips”, VC-99, USS Hoggatt Bay CVE-75, Pacific, July 1945. Model built using 70050 FM-1 & FM-2 Wildcat Deluxe Set.

Marcin Ciepierski

FM-2 Wildcat, nr 4, VC-13, USS Tripoli CVE-64, March 1944, during Atlantic anti-submarine patrol near Cap-Vert. Model built using 70050 FM-1 & FM-2 Wildcat Deluxe Set.

Wojtek Bułhak

Wildcat FM-2 from USS Petrof Bay carrier, VC-93, Lt (jg) Heaterly Foster III, Okinawa, April 1945 – built using 70033 FM-2 Wildcat Model Kit. Wooden carrier deck comes from 70050 FM-1 & FM-2 Wildcat Deluxe Set. Figures: high quality 3D-printed resin by French Reed Oak.

FM-2 Wildcat zdobywa Golden Sprue Award 2020!


Check: Wildcat model kits in the Armahobby.pl online store

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