We present the camouflage and marking schemes that we selected for the next boxing of our Mustang in 1/72 scale. We dedicated the kit with catalogue number 70041 P-51B Mustang to USAAF pilots who fought under the skies of Europe. This boxing is connected with our Airacobra model kit, which is released at the same time, by the figure of an outstanding pilot, whose planes are on the boxarts of both kits. This is Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson, the last surviving US triple fighter ace! Bud turned 100 in January 2022. Soon we will publish a very interesting article about this amazing aviator.

But now let’s look at the kit camouflage and marking schemes:

P-51B-15-NA Mustang, No. 43-248423/B6-S, “Old Crow”, pilot: Cpt. Clarence “Bud” Anderson, 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group, June-July 1944

P-51B-7-NA Mustang, No. 43-6964/C3-G, “The Mighty Midget”, pilot: 1st. Lt. James H. Clark, 382nd Fighter Squadron, 363rd Fighter Group, Maupertus, France, July 1944

P-51B-10-NA Mustang, No. 42-106473/G4-N , “Geronimo”, pilot: Cpt. John Pugh, 362nd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group, June 1944

P-51B-15-NA Mustang, No. 42-106872/PE-T, “Patty Ann II”, pilot: John F. Thornell jr., 328th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group

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