PZL P.11c with white „4” and „red raven” marking is one of the last three Polish fighters fighting West of Warsaw in September 1939, when all other fighter units have been already evacuated to the airfields in the East part of the country. Pilots from the 131. and 132. Squadrons kept fighting Germans in the big Bzura Battle till the Soviet invasion on 17th September.

Check the gallery of the Arkady72 model built using the Arma Hobby kit and Hataka paints. It represents the plane in pre-war or early war markings. Later the unit marking (the raven) and Polish national markings on the top wing surfaces have been overpainted for better camouflaging the plane on the forward airfields, used by the Squadron.


„Kruki” nad Bzurą

TS-11 Iskra bis DF – Galeria – Arkady72

Kruk – godło poznańskich myśliwców

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P-11c model 1/72


P.11c „Łaciata 3” – galeria modelu

Samoloty Brygady Pościgowej w obiektywie Henryka Poddębskiego

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