Łukasz Rym sent us photos of three Yak-1b kits built with his daughters during the Christmas break. Let’s check how the models came out and how Kaja and Dagmara played with Arma Hobby models:

This time I would like to present three Yak-1b models. During the holiday season, I was building models with my daughters. As you know, the Yak model is very successful, and it is not difficult to assemble it for more advanced modellers. I remember the assembly of the first Yak-1b by the Arma very positively.

So I was curious how my daughters would put together this model. Both belong to the modelling age category “Młodzik” (youngster, 8 and 10 years old), and their modelling achievements are one simple, self-made model from the Egg Plane series.

Observing their struggle with the Jak model, I must say that most assembly stages were not difficult for them. However, the chassis was a huge problem, and this was where the necessary help turned out to be. Small parts and the need to maintain symmetry were so tricky that girls did not glue the pieces together themselves.

We painted all models with Hataka paints. Working with an airbrush for girls was also new.

Jak-1b Expert Set – Galeria – Łukasz Rym

TS-11 Iskra Deluxe Set – galeria – Łukasz Rym

Hurricane Mk IIc – Galeria – Łukasz Rym

PZL P.11c – Galeria – Łukasz Rym

TS-11 R Novax Expert Set – galeria – Łukasz Rym

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