P.11c kit in quarter scale, was in many ways, a challenge. And it surprised us with an outstanding receiving by modellers, landslide sales and warm comments from modellers. Like most Polish subject kits, it lighted hot discussions on forums.

Projekt “P.11/48”

It was a long way from starting this project as two sprue kit to its final release. When many Polish subject kits appeared on the market over a year ago, we postponed it a while. Then, we discussed possibilities to sell its design to another company. Last summer, we decided to try it as a single sprue kit before the P-51B/C kit planned for Christmas. Meantime Covid badly affected the tooling process, and both projects were delayed. P.11c was announced in December, and in February, after presale, the kit became available for delivery.

There is no need to discuss, it’s the best P.11c kit in any scale.

Potez, forum PWM (PL)

Managing a bigger team in the project was another challenge. We made some instruction mistakes when Marcin, kit designer, handed instruction design to the new designers. The first time it has its rights, not all was clear in instruction, and we had to include an errata in the kit. However, the model’s advantages are decals and colour schemes – developed in cooperation with Grzegorz Mazurowski and Marek Rogusz.

Another teething problem of the project was permanent tooling delays. It caused the loss of a few panel lines in the kit. Fortunately, they are easy to prescribe by the modeller. Sorry for a bit of inconvenience! Model reception was two-stage. At the start, hot discussions and even wrong presumptions were expressed by modellers online. It changed when models were delivered. Kit turned into a very satisfactory and quick built. Finished kit galleries were posted before Marcin was able to build his first P.11c 1/48! Many thanks for the kind words and support received from customers!

New kits and P.11c accessories

In the Arma Hobby webstore, you can find tools and accessories to improve your P.11c kit. The Czech razor saw for cutting out delicate wing edges and lead wires for cockpit super detailing from ASK Models. Master Model gun barrels and other details for P.11c are fantastic. When you are looking for more markings, Techmod and Model Maker decals are available. All we need are Yahu control panels!

Go to the shop

Within two weeks, two new kits will be available for preorders in the shop. First is Yak-1b “”Aces” Limited edition kit. It contains a huge decal with four complete markings sets ant two sets of stencil/control panel decals. So the preorder option with so-called “overtrees” let you finish two of them at once. Probably the most waited is Hurricane IIb Model Kit with two interesting markings options. The kit also includes parts for the Mk IIc version, bombs and fuel tanks.

Whats next?

1/48 scale P.11c kit proved we can do quarter-scale models. Also, we learned how to work with a bigger design and avoid some possible mistakes. Three independent experts already reviewed the Hurricane 1/48 scale kit.  Also, F4F-4 Wildcat was checked by modellers, and we refined some details. Surprisingly modellers noticed the smallest number of corrections in the P-51B/C kit. We are working with a bigger team to finish them all this year. Hopefully, Covid will not interfere with our work this year.

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