Simon Desplanque has built Yak-1b Expert Set out of the box. Read his notes on assembly and painting and share your comments or ask a question!

As for the assembly, the kit was built directly out of the box: since this is the Expert Set, no further detail was needed.

I only used Mr Hobby colors for this model: H67 for the blue, H305 and H306 for the camouflage, which was handpainted with my airbrush (an Harder & Steenbeck Infinity with a 0,15mm needle).

As far as the weathering is concerned, I first used Tamiya Dark Brown wash to accentuate panel lines. I then applied small dots of Abteilung 502 and Van Gogh oil paints (white, beige and pale blue) on the wings and on the upper sides of the fuselage. I gently thinned them down with terpenthine. The same technique was used to make exhaust stains and oil leaks. Besides, I used the mottling technique to weather the underside of the aircraft.

Once everything was done, I sealed the model with a mix of Tamiya LP matt and clear varnishes (ratio: 80%-20%).

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