I present my latest model, FM-2 from Arma Hobby. This time, however, its construction took slightly more than one weekend.

The model has much more parts than the Hurricane and its assembly is a bit more complex. This is mainly due to the chassis structure, which was very unusual in Wildcats. The chassis also requires the more attention in the model, but it is very well designed and with the a little attention it builds without problems.

My miniature is basically built straight out of the box, I just added Yahu photo etched seatbelt  straps. And I scratchbuilt some details at the engine (I was building the Model Kit).

Wildcat VI w służbie Jego Królewskiej Mości

I chose the British version for painting with SEAC markings. The visual attractiveness of this camouflage prevailed here, mainly due to the white stripes for the quick identification. Besides, the war in the Pacific is my favourite period in modeling. I think that in some time I will make another FM-2 and then I will definitely be in the “only right” … American colours.

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Gallery – Jeremy Moore

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Galeria – Marcin Ciepierski

Hurricane IIc Trop – Galeria – Zbyszek Malicki

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Galeria – Adam Dobranowski

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