Hurricane Mk II b/c Expert Set review was posted on Modellair blog. TRL copares new rMk II b/c elease to previous Mk II c. Read whole story and see excellent kit details photos

The new Arma Hobby kit is basically lacking any real competition if we consider the Mk.IIb version. Theoretically, we have a choice of an antique Airfix, ephemeral Revell or, of course, Hasegawa- but these sets are nowadays virtually impossible to find in stores. Not so long ago, Japanese mouldings could be found re-boxed by Czech company Fly, but that’s in the past. Only second hand option now.


The new “Hurribomber” from Arma Hobby is a solid development of the previously released C version kit. New sprue holds the high level of detail of the original, and the biggest drawback of all Hurricanes from AH- canopy, has been slightly improved.

The wide selection of proposed painting options and variants (both B and C Hurricanes can be made in a trop version), the choice of underwing load and the obvious “Polish painting benefit” completes the really positive impression of the kit.

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