Adam Dobranowski made an amazing Wildcat model from Arma Hobby kit. It was built from the  Expert Set and superdetailed with aftermarket and scratchbuilt parts. It represents aeroplane during museum restoration.

Model was built according to photos from restoration in Museum of Flight in Seattle. I need to tell that it is extremely detailed  kit, fit is really good and it is very correct compared to scale drawings. Congratulations!!! It was a great pleasure to built it.

  • Aftermarket sets used: Aires engine, photoetched parts and flaps from Eduard, a lot of scratch.

Wildcat BuNo 74512

The aeroplane entered service in the US Navy at the end of 1944. From March to May 1945 it served on the board of USS Petrof Bay escort carrier, in composite squadron VC-93. After the war, it was given to Edison Technical School and then deteriorated in a park in Seattle. Transferred to a museum, it waited around thirty years before restoration started in 1998. Restored Wildcat is from 2014 part of the exhibition in the Museum of Flight in Seattle. It is painted with colours of Lt (jg) Heatherly Foster, the most successful fighter from VC-93.

Wildcats of USS Petrof Bay against the Kamikaze over Okinawa

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Gallery – Marcin Ciepierski

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Gallery – Tomáš Macourek

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