Magnus Fridsell has built simultaneously two FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set model.  Both aeroplanes are from Battle of Atlantic, one is British and second is US Navy. Whole process was posted step by step on aeroscale forum. Let’s see magnificent results.Models were built ourt of the box, except Yahu control panels and Techmod decals in British Wildcat VI. Magnus also tested Real Colors from AK-Interactive painting Royal Navy camouflage.

I’ve just finished two of your absolute delicious Wildcats, as usual blogging them on Aeroscale: Link.

British Wildcat VI

Wildcat VI w służbie Jego Królewskiej Mości

Amerykański FM-2 Wildcat

USS Guadalcanal kontra U-Boot U-505

FM-2 Wildcat Expert Set – Galeria – Marcin Ciepierski

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