Pierre Vinzentini has send photos of his latest Arma Hobby kit built. This time it is Yak1 from Normandie squadron. See photos of white Yak with French markings!

This YAK is the 17-115 from Saratov, and was one of the white yaks flying with Normandie at IVANOVO, Polotnyany-Zavod and  Mossalsk. The plane was used for the training of French pilots in Ivanovo then he became the mount of Raymond DERVILLE. Subsequently, it will be painted in the colors of summer and will be used by other pilots than DERVILLE, one of the first 3 dead of Normandy, shot on No. 43! The decals are from one of the CARPENA COLORADO boards dedicated to the “GC-3 Normandie”! Paint with white and black TAMIYA, AMT-7 AKAN!

In all likelihood, he was taken prisoner by the Germans … and shot by the latter, according to the orders of Marshal Keitel, by which the French pilots taken arms in hand were to be shot, as spys.

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