Yak-1b model kit would be available hopefully in a few days.The boxes, instructions, decals, photoetched parts and masks are ready and waiting only for the plastic sprueas. See them now!

Tooling is almost finished

Yak-1b moulds await final tests. They are assembled and test shots are planned for Monday. Hopefully no corrections would be needed and production run would be started immediately. This case deliveries would start in a few days!

Mould are washed after electrodrill

Close up on fuselage half. Unfortunately photo quality is poor (made by cell phone).


Big decal sheet size 13 x 18 cm was silk printed in Techmod with new formula we helped to develope last year. Each sheet is protected with parafine paper. http://armahosbbynews.pl/en/blog/2019/09/e19/yak-1b-decals-and-markings-options-from-kits/

Yak-1b – decals and markings options from kits


Decals close shots

. .

Photo etched brass fret includes the most needed details. You may build kit without them, as you wish.


See Yakovlev Yak-1b Expert Set in Arma Hobby webstore

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