I designed the pattern of Hurricane camouflage masks when building my model. I share it on this blog to help you paint your model. The pattern includes both camouflage versions, A and B, and you can download it as a pdf file and print it on your home printer. Without restrictions, you can distribute them to your friends, share printouts or start your production, with the proviso that the design was by Arma Hobby.

How to make your masks for Hurricane?

Cut out paper masks can be attached to the model with Blu Tack. The printout can also be copied/printed on a sheet of masking paper. Another way is to cover the print with transparent tape and stick masking tape on it and then cut out the shape with a knife. After cutting, the masking tape you can easily be transferred to the model. Remember that this is the first version, and you will need to supplement with masking tape or a masking fluid in some places.

Maski do Hurricane z Arma Hobby

download pdf file

How to paint Hurricane with masks?

  • First, paint the underside with Sky, then mask it to paint the undercarriage bay and wheel-legs silver using the bottom masks.
  • Mask undersurfaces with Tamiya tape or other delicate masking tape or maskol.
  • Then paint the whole upper surfaces in Dark Green, then put the mask and paint Dark Earth.

See template use on Hurricane Mk IIb kit

Hurricane II b/c Expert Set – Dennis Meyers – masks step by step

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