The last three weeks are the most fruitful and the busiest period of this year at Arma Hobby. We have just finished shipments of the Hurricane Mk I Expert Set models and we are preparing the launch of the Hurricane Mk I Model Kit (economy version). The time has come to overview the project.

Hurricane model kit reception

Hurricane was very well received by modellers, looking at the number of orders and comments on the internet and those sent via email. The model was especially popular, which is natural, in Great Britain. Reviewers have noticed the correct model shape and a good rendering of those Hurricane features that were not adequately made in other manufacturers’ kits. They liked the fit of parts and the level of details.

“Overall, a great little kit. In advance of actual full assembly, very highly recommended. I do not foresee that opinion. ”

Graham Boak, Britmodeller.

“I have been very impressed with the way you have approached the project.”

Troy Smith, Britmodeller (sent by email)

Links to the online reviews can be found here.

Hurricane kit makes us proud. Arma Hobby is still a small, three-person company located in an office/warehouse of 18 m2. We are not a corporation, we do not have bank credit, we operate on minimal resources. We try to add to the models as much value as possible, in the form of careful research, care for the fitting of parts, additions such as photoetched parts and masks, and articles on colour schemes published on this blog. Considering our minimal resources, we probably managed to achieve good results and make progress with each subsequent model.


We would like to say thank you to people who supported Hurricane model kit project.

Research and articles on our blog:

  • Dominik Sędziak, Grzegorz Mazurowski, Wojtek Matusiak, Robert Gretzyngier,

Model 3D renders review:

  • Troy Smith and Graham Boak and Britmodeller community and  Chris on PWM forum.

Next Hurricane model kit

The Hurricane Mk I set in the economy boxing is just available for orders here. Shipping is planned after the New Year’s break, orders can be placed now. The model comes out in a standard known so far as a Junior Set. The name of the series has been changed to Model Kit because it represents a typical assembly model kit, containing plastic parts and decals. This corresponds to the expectations of the majority of clients. For advanced modellers, we still offer the Expert Set, with a photo-etched fret and masks.

What’s next in Arma Hobby?

Next models are under preparation. In the following year, we plan to release one model of the Polish construction from 1939 and one model of the Allied aeroplane (it is a new tool, not reboxing). Plans may change, and we will now be guided by the principle of announcing the model shortly before the premiere. As you can see, the release dates of models are challenging to keep in many companies. We also do not want to deceive customers with premature announcements given only to block plans of other manufacturers.

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