Magnus Friedsell has sent us photos of his PZL P.11c from Expert set. Model built out of the box looks excellent. See more photos of P-eleven miniature and read some comments on kit.

A few photos of my finished Arma Hobby P.11c built from the Expert Set and finished using Hataka Orange Line paints!

One minor request for the future: a simple rigging diagram would be welcome, either as an addendum in the box or on your web site. The antenna is a bit intricate and I also noted that there is some rather heavy rigging/extra struts on the landing gear.

A very nice model and a very fun build, what else is there to ask for? Looking forward to the Hurricane and I will most probably get myself an Iskra in the near futuire!

There is a build blog here.

See PZL model kits in  Arma Hobby internet shop

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