Photoetched parts and windscreen/wheel masks are included in PZL P.7a models from series Deluxe and Expert. Photoetched parts includes details upgrading kit in four important areas of airplane. See them now!

Elementy fototrawione

blaszki pzl p.7a photoetched parts

  • Cockpit: control panel, pilots seatbelts, throttle levers, pilots seat, windscreen
  • Gun bays: covers with vent slats for Vickers MG
  • Engine: engine cover mounting rods and engine cover/wing fairing
  • Airframe: fittings, hoists, pilot’s steps etc.

Photoetched parts are available separately.


Masks includes windscreen for P.7a and P.11c (used on some P.7a) and wheels

Resin Wheels

PZL P.7a Deluxe set contains also resin weighted wheels, one of Stomil and second of Dunlop.

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