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You are invited to join community of Arma Hobby fans. Your commitment is crucial for our company development. Our goal is to produce best quality resin model kits. Yes, all companies declare it. What makes us different is not 3D design of masters, it is not just our usual extreme accuracy and perfect fit. So what makes difference? It is listening to customers and focus on making models, that are easily built out the box to standard usually achieved with a lot of aftermarket sets squeezed between plastic kit halves.

Why we need your email address?

Because we would like to contact you by email. Do not worry, we will not push you with number of extra discount offers. There are three topic we would like to contact you:

  1. just to inform what we are doing now,
  2. to ask you for your opinion on kits ideas
  3. to inform about kit release and special offer for subscribers

Why we ask you for your name?

We would like to address you personally. Our email are not press releases or corporate letters. We write to you like letter to friend. We appreciate very much your answers andwe would  like to know each other well. It helps us to produce kits modelers really want.

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One thought on “Newsletter

  1. ron Dobrzelecki says:

    Hello wojtek did my kit ship yet ( P6 plus paint ).

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