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PZL P.7a – “City of Lwów” squadron against Wehrmacht spearhead

P.7a, 162 Eskadra Myśliwska 1939
Third and the last story behind airplanes included in PZL P.7a Expert Set 1939 model kit. History, coulours and markings of the 162 Fighter Squadron from Lwów. Younger of Polish Fighter units, III/6 fighter wing was involved in heavy fights against Wehrmacht spearhead, attacking through city of Łódź to Warsaw. Read story of the most successful unit of the P.7a in 1939!
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PZL P.7a – Deluxe set Markings Options

PZL P.7a 123 EM
There are eight markings options in PZL P.7a Deluxe set. Four of them are wartime, and four are from pre-war period. Each of them is described including historical background details. See them all and comment post. Incoming search terms:jerzy bajan top polish fighter pilots
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PZL P.7a Airplane Variants

PZL P.7a, was first airplane of Pulawski fighters series introduced to service of Polish Military Aviation. During production and service several small changes in airframe were developed. See what changes were introduced and how they were rendered in model kit.
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