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A big change in Arma Hobby

The next stage of Arma Hobby development starts Monday. It’s a big step and a great risk, the biggest in our company history. See what we have planned and do not miss an opportunity!
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Meet the Team

Model company isn’t a machinery. It is neither tools nor computers. Model company is made of passionate people ready for hard work. People able to produce even better model kits and accessories. Meet Arma Hobby team today!
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Mercenary Knight 1450 – 75mm figurine

Knight 75mm figurine
Mercenary knight with Italian type Amor in mid XV Century. Resin figurine 75mm from Adalbertus. It represents mercenary knight from Poland, Bohemia or Germany in thirteen years Polish and Prussian states war against Teutonic Order 1454-1466.
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Boleslaw Orlinski bust

orlinski - bust
Another surprise release from Adalbertus. The bust of Boleslaw Orliński complement his figure in 1/48 scale. The bust will be released in early October, figurine little later, together with the PZL P-6 in 1/48 scale model.
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Westerplatte 1939 – 1/35 scale figurines

75th anniversary of WW2 is coming tomorrow. One of first to fight was Polish Army post Westerplatte in Gdansk (Danzig). Today we present a small diorama of Westerplatte a day before WW2 outbreak. See model photos and read more about history of that extraordinary unit and their excellent...
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