A few weeks ago I started building Arma Hobby’s Yak-1b. I was hoping to finish it in 2020 but pre-Christmas rush slowed my work. Finally, I managed to finish it last weekend.

The kit presents the aircraft from the Polish 1st Aviation Fighter Regiment in post-war camouflage. Later it was donated to the museum but, unfortunately, did not survive to our times. I painted it with the AK Interactive Real Colors Air (camouflage and steel-grey interior colour) and GunzeC, H and N. I used decals from the Model Kit set. I only added pilot harness and aerial wires. The kit is easy to build but requires more attention when attaching undercarriage parts.

1 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwskiego „Warszawa” 1943-45

Hurricane Mk IIc trop – Galeria – Dominik Sędziak

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