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The next stage of Arma Hobby development starts Monday. It’s a big step and a great risk, the biggest in our company history. See what we have planned and do not miss an opportunity!

At the end of this week, we close sales of resin models and accessories. You will not be able to purchase Attack Squadron accessories or Arma Hobby resin models from Monday. Since that day, Arma Hobby has become a manufacturer of plastic models, no more resin production.

We know that for many of you it will be a big surprise. This is not a hasty decision. Over the last six months, we have been trying to develop plastic and resin lines in parallel. The experience of these struggles shows that we have to choose what to put in the effort. Efforts to design and market two different types of products are missing. We need to choose what company we want to be. We have chosen the harder way. We want to be a manufacturer of plastic models.

This year we plan to launch another new type of aircraft in December – this “surprise”, of course, the injection model. Next year – new model every quarter.

On Monday, models and resin accessories will disappear from our store. Orders submitted so far, should be dispatched by the end of the month, then close the foundry. Attack Squadron and Arma Hobby resin line and maybe Adalbertus figurines can be sold to other companies who want to continue their business. If this happens – we will inform you on our blog. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact 1@armahobby.pl.

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers and supporters. Thanks to your support from a small resin bait manufacturer, we have been able to develop into plastic models. We also thank our business partners: Hataka Hobby, Model Maker, Hauler and Rob Taurus. Together we have managed to create some good models and accessories!

See resin kits clearance information in Arma Hobby shop link


Autor: Wojciech Bułhak, Modelarz, który ma szczęście pracować w swoim hobby. Nacodzień osoba szara i niepozorna. Ożywia się dyskutując o modelarstwie, teoriach spiskowych, Wielkim Księstwie Litewskim i marketingu internetowym. Współwłaściciel Arma Hobby. Skleja figurki, samoloty i broń pancerną, głównie polonika i lotnictwo morskie.

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jon d
jon d

Agreed. Attack resin was amongst the top 3 resin producers and it is a shame that the promised resin kits never appeared – I was looking forward to new Bearcats and other post war types. Shame

Geoff King
Geoff King

Very sorry to hear you will stop producing resin kits. I have all of your PZL aircraft in 1/48 plus the F3F and Spitfire, they are all so well done. I wish you much success with your upcoming products, and hopefully they will be as interesting and well done as the resin kits! I will be watching!!


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