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All perturbation associated with shipments of models TS-11 Iskra has gone and it’s time to some recapitulation. As promised, today we will reveal the first news for 2016. See what’s waiting for you in the upcoming year.

Who dares – wins!

TS-11 Iskra models had passed into the hands of modelers and reviews of in-box are available on the network. The release of the first plastic model is a big experience for us. It was two years ago, when we started as a modest producer of resin bombs, and drones …

inbox ts-11 deluxe set 1/72 Model of TS-11 that we managed to release thanks to the tremendous support from the modelers, it is our great pride, but also we feel some lack. Several small errors that are easy to fix with the help of modeling routines, evokes in us a sense of light dissappointment. We are pleased, however, that the model appeared on the market and it allows the execution of faithful replica of the TS-11 Iskra without undue difficulty. In February or early March will go on sale models Iskra in Expert series with photoetched parts and masks as well as plastic kit of the Junior series for young modelers. See the models of TS-11 in Arma Hobby shop here.

Resin kit news2016

Following resin kits 1/72 scale are planned for release in first half of next year:

  • ASQ72068 Grumman F2F-1 Pro-set (February 2016)
  • AH73003 PZL P.6 Prototype Pro-set
  • AH73004 PZL P.7/I Prototype EZ-set
  • AH73005 PZL P.11/I Prototype Pro-set

In 1/48 scale following resin kits are planned:

  • AH49006 PZL P.11/I Prototype Pro-set

We are wandering if release of resin kit PZL P.7a 1/48 scale, would be appreciated by modelers. There was a model kit some years ago. What do you think – please share your thoughts in comments at the end of this post?

See PZL model kits in Arma Hobby shop here,

New plastic kits

Our next plastic kit 1/72 scale will be PZL P.7a. Model has been already designed in 3D, we are preparing mould production. Hopefuly it would be ready in half of next year. In case of production problems it would be available at the end of 2016






New challenge

There is great challenge when developing new kits of PZL P.7a 1/72 and 1/48. Corrugated sheet on wings and tailplanes is so tight, that it is at the edge of 3D printer or steel mould manufacture abilities. At now we are checking technical possibilities

Please share your opinions and any thoughts on our 2016 release plans.

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R. Aballe
R. Aballe

Great news! I am very much looking forward to the PZL P.7a injected kit, and also to the resin PZL P.7/I and PZL P.11/I prototypes’ kits (in resin). Are you considering by any chance the PWS 10 as a future 1/72 kit?

R. Aballe

Antoni Lachetta
Antoni Lachetta

I have made the Toro PZL P.7a, a very good kit. It looks good next to your P.7 prototype. However, I was disappointed with the choice of markings. So I would buy another P.7a kit if it had some of the more colourful markings such as the 4th Air Regiment. I might even buy more than one.

How about a PZL P.8? That would sit very well next to your PZL P.1.

What I would really like to have in my collection is a 1/48 PZL P.11a. Perhaps it would be easy to make a kit with the option of a P.11a or P.11b? Maybe a conversion set to turn the Mirage P.11c to a P.11f? I am a little bit surprised that nobody has done this already. After that I would be ready for a PWS 10.


Sincerely I would prefer a resin kit PZL 11c 1/48 scale, instead of a PZL P.7.
PZL 11 is probably the most important polish aircraft in WWII and there isn’t a goog kit in market


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