Radosław Burski built very fine Yak-1b model in Polish post-war scheme. Painting and weathering skills allowed him for making even the simple one-colour camouflage very impressive. Look at the gallery and read Radosław’s comments about model assembly and painting!

Radosław Burski wrote:

The kit was easy to build, without any surprises.

You can see that the designers know their job well. This kit can be recommended to beginner modelers.

The aeroplane was fresh after an overhaul, so not very weathered.

The model has been painted with Hataka, the paints are equal to the best reputable products and are transparent enough, so you can try to do something called color-building.

I added belts on the pilot’s seat, a net in the radiator tunnel, antenna wire, and landing gear indicators on the wings, I will add that Arma Hobby has delicately marked the locations where they should be placed.

Trzy Jaki-1b – Galeria – Kaja, Dagmara i Łukasz Rym

1 Pułk Lotnictwa Myśliwskiego „Warszawa” 1943-45

Jak-1b – w lotnictwach sprzymierzonych – malowanie i oznakowanie

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