I’ve built the gorgeous new Arma Hobby Mustang Mk.III kit and shared some photos and comments on the Britmodeller.com forum (link). Now Arma Hobby guys asked me to make a summary of that “Work in Progress” thread here for the Armahobbynews.pl blog Gallery.

This new kit from Arma arrived in the post today and I just had to share it with you,…… WOW doesn`t even cover it,…… at first glance this knocks any other P-51B-C kit out of the water,…… it even includes optional parts for the early or late tail with the strake, different cowling air vents including the elusive British style, dropped flaps and the best interior that I have seen on any 1/72nd Mustang, the decals even include a full set of instruction plates for the various interior fittings and fixtures and decal or etches brass harness straps!

The box art is superb and there are six decal options ranging from USAAF 8th, 9th &  14th AF`s to RAAF in Italy, Polish AF in the UK and even a captured Japanese aircraft!

The construction began,…. with the cockpit and the radiator,

The decals for the interior are very good,…. but my eyes struggled,…. must get a magnifier!! The etched harness is nice too,…. you get two options and also two optional seats;

…. also at this stage you need to decide which tailplane you want,…. the early one or the later one with the fin strake,….. as for the latter you need to remove a section of the rear upper fuselage. Here you can see the cutout for the fin strake, which was cut out earlier;

the wings and tailplane have been added,.. all basically clicking into position,….. I am very impressed with this kit indeed;


The windscreen is all one part with the forward section,…… this kit has been really well thought out and is really excellent,…… you can build almost any variant of th P-51B/C from this kit.

Now then,….. colour scheme! At first I was going to go for the Polish option in the kit as it is an aircraft that I would like to portray at some stage, with its interesting artwork,…… but,….. I had also determined that my next Mustang Mk.III would be a silver 441 Sqn RCAF aircraft,…… a scheme which would really highlight the superb detail of this kit. Now I have the codes etc to be able to do this option,….. I`ll be spraying it using Tamiya rattle can Bare Metal Silver,

Here is the model with the serials added,….. using stencilled style decals from Ventura set V7252. The propeller has been partially cleaned up and had its decals added too and the `G’ has been altered to match the real thing better by having the flourish made narrower.

I dulled down the markings with matt varnish and then added a quick coat overall too,….. which was scuffed on using a brush. A watercolour was applied to highlight the recessed detail and then the undercarriage and exhausts were added.

P-51 C Mustang™ III Expert Set – Gallery – Brett Green

Well I`ve got it finished,…… painted the drop tanks Medium Sea Grey and then scuffed them a bit to reveal the darker paint underneath, then added some black lines to them from the spares box;

What a gorgeous kit,….. I really enjoyed this one and will be building many more in the future,….. hopefully

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