P-51 B/C Mustang™ kit was released last week, and the first online reviews are available on the internet. Please find links to the latest reviews linked below. We are waiting for your feedback about the kit and reviews in the comments section below the post.

Polish Language Reviews:

  • Sebastian Malinowski on fanpage SJM Miniatures link
With each model, Arma Hobby raises the bar higher and higher and has made a home for good at the forefront of aviation models. This model is an absolute must have!
  • Rafał Książek on Rafhart Youtube Channel link

  • Marcin Wawrzynkowski on Koszalin Modelling Portal link

… at a time when Japanese producers reigned in the modeling market, I did not think that I would wait for a while, that the Polish manufacturer would release a model developed at such a level that it would leave everything else far behind. At this point, there is nothing else but to congratulate the entire Arma Hobby team, as well as all those who contributed to such a wonderful effect at various stages of design and production. I’m looking forward to gluing.

  • Kamil Feliks Sztarbała on KFS Miniatures link.

…we are dealing with undoubtedly the best 1/72 scale miniature of a humped Mustang so far.

English Language reviews

  • Tomasz R. Lubczyński on the Modellair blog link

…The multi variant aspect of the kit is also a plus, especially that this not resulted in a badly chopped mess of parts. How the solutions introduced by the designer will work during construction remains to be seen.

  • Brett Green’s unboxing video on Hyperscale link

  • Brett Green na Hyperscale link

High quality moulding; excellent surface textures and detail; accurate; many useful options for a wide range of variants; effective use of multi-media; high quality decals.
Arma Hobby’s 1/72 scale P-51B/C kit is highly impressive – crisp surface textures, high moulding quality, many useful options and a very high level of detail. It’s a great package with the plastic and photo-etched parts as well as self-adhesive masks. In my opinion this is Arma’s best kit yet.

  • Tim Hatton on Aeroscale link

After reviewing ARMA Hobby’s Wildcat a few weeks ago, I had high hopes for the P-51B/C. ARMA Hobby has not let us down and they have come up with the definitive P-51B/C in 1:72 scale. The amount of research and detail ARMA Hobby has done in producing this kit is evident. It’s on a par with the sort of detail that we have come to expect from Eduard, which is very high praise.

  • Andy on Andy’s Hobby HQ Youtube channel:

  Model, który jest absolutnie wspaniały w środku, i jeszcze daje wiele różnych opcji kalkomani, fototrawionek i nie tylko.

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