Doctor MiG on his Youtube channel has published a video with in-box review of the TS-11 R Novax kit, the maritime reconnaissance vwrsion of the  TS-11 Iskra. See video and share your thoughts in comments please.

The new version of the aircraft was designated TS-11R “Novax”. Externally, it was different from the standard Iskra Bis DF with a slightly different nose section, in which the Bendix King RDS-81 weather radar and a GPS receiver were built. Initially, it was a fairly simple RS-5000 SHIPMATE receiver, which was then replaced by the GPS-150, a typical aeroplane design. TS-11 R models also had an upgraded radio. All the adaptation works were performed by PZL Mielec factory.

The TS-11R Iskra NOVAX aeroplane was based on the TS-11 Iskra bis DF training aircraft. The main difference is the forward section and the radar screen to be mounted in the rear cockpit. These details in the kit were made in the form of high-quality resin castings, developed by 3D printing.

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