Jacques Druel from Normandy has built a Yak-1b kit in French markings. Please note that is just the third model he made after return to modelling hobby. See photos and share your comments.

I am very happy to send you a couple of photos of my 1/72 Yab-1b in the colors of Albert Durand, pilot of the famous Régiment de Chasse Normandie. Build was very relaxing thanks to the excellent kit, it is only my third model built after a 24 years gap in the hobby! I still need to improve my painting skills after so many years out of the hobby. I will build next another Yak-1b from your company that will be in the colors of Marcel Albert, second top scoring French ace of WWII.

Trzech pilotów z GC 3 Normandie

Jak-1b Normandie – Galeria – Pierre Vizentini

Jak-1b – w lotnictwach sprzymierzonych – malowanie i oznakowanie

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Robert Wójcik skleja Jak-1b w barwach Luftwaffe – krok po kroku


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