Dennis Meyers has finished Hurricane Mk IIb Expert Set as the last kit built in 2020. When painting desert camouflage he used masks tempaltes available free on our website (see photos step by step). Let’s see photos of his kit!

I can’t say enough about ARMA kits in general and this one in particular. Meticulous detail–better than some larger scale kits by other brands. High quality plastic, comparable to Tamiya and Eduard; fine panel lines, near perfect fit, very thin canopy parts. Plenty of extras–PE, open and closed canopies, painting masks, decals and color plates for 7 liveries (I chose Mk. IIb trop, 274 Squadron Egypt & Libya, November 1942), wings and armaments for both B and C models, online resources: documentary video, camouflage pattern template.
This was an enjoyable project with a great subject–the underappreciated Hawker Hurricane (an unsung hero of BoB). I built the B version sporting 12 wing-mounted 30 calibers. I painted the exterior with AK Interactive paint, RAF colors.

How to use mask template from Arma Hobby

Hurricane camouflage mask template you can download free here. Then print it on paper.

Draw mask outline on paper or clear plastic sheet, then put on Tamiya masking tape and cut it to shape.

Paint model with first camouflage colour and after dry put on masking tape.

Paint with airbrush second camouflage colour and carefuly remove masking tape.

Joël Izard buduje Hurricane IIc – artykuł krok po kroku

Hurricane Mk II b trop model photos

Robert Wójcik skleja Jak-1b w barwach Luftwaffe – krok po kroku

Hurricane IIb – Gallery – Libor Jekl

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