The model of the latest Hurricane from Arma Hobby served me as a relief build from the subject of a much heavier dimension. For some time I have been struggling to build a biplane airplane from World War I by the production of the now defunct Wingnut Wings. Neither my scale nor the subject matter but I have to do it. That’s why I gladly took a weekend break for something more pleasant to me.

Model ready within a weekend

Yes, it was a weekend break … It took me three days to build Hurrican IIc. The model is completely out of the box. I added only small wires on the wheel legs guards simulating the brake lines. Construction is pure pleasure.

I must admit that this hurry goes together even easier than the first Hurrican Mk I from Arma. (which I also had the pleasure of building, see link at the end of article). The differences are noticeable in the interior of the cockpit, the assembly of the chassis and propeller. In this version of Hawker there is basically nothing to fault. The most troublesome version of the Mk I was the chassis which was assembled at the beginning of the construction and then all the time it was necessary to take care not to break it and it protruded from the wing also when painting. Currently, in the MkIIc version, the wheel legs can be successfully installed after painting the entire aircraft. A big advantage.

I finished my miniature in a Burma 1944 camouflage just right for me and my preferences. I painted it with GUNZE C paints. I recommend it to everyone and beginners (for a good start) and advanced (for stress relief) modelers.

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