John Miller from Model Paint Solutions could not resist to build Hurricane Mk I kit from Experts Set. Model was a surprise gift from a friend that made John to change plans and start to build. See what happened then:

I was so taken with the new Hurricane Mk.I from Arma Hobby,  that plastic dust was flying and my compressor humming not long after I opened the box. This build was a joy but it’s not without issues: more later. Bottom line: the Arma Hobby Hurricane builds up into a very nice model: possibly the best Hurricane in it’s scale and well worth the extra elbow grease required to get the most out of the kit. I’ll be building another.

Hurricane Mk I from Malta- gallery – Craig Boon

Okay, that was a blast! The Arma Hurricane is not without it’s faults but with a little extra elbow grease it builds into a very nice looking model. The one area to pay attention to is the installation of the main gear. The fit here is tight and a bit finicky but nothing that can’t be handled with a little test fitting and patience. I have been impressed with all of the previous Arma kits but their Hurricane is really a cut above: Well done Arma. Highly Recommended!

Note: I’d like to send a special appreciation to Tony O’Toole for writing such a fantastic book on the siege of Malta: “No Place for Beginners.” It’s well worth the read.

Pustynny Hurricane Mk I – galeria – Tony O’Toole

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