RWD-8 – corrected model kit photos

RWD-8 - poprawka modelu
It was a nice surprise, that our correction set for RWD-8 model kit became so popular. It was a just quick fix to IBG models 1/72 scale kit error! On last Friday started deliveries of correction set. You can see photos of corrected model kit at now!
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RWD-8 replacement wings – Preorders

It was announced on Attack Squadron blog, that we are preparing replacement correct wing for latest RWD-8 kit from IBG. Today 3D prints have arrived and we are starting production. See 3D prints and preorder your RWD-8 wings now!
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Restoration of TS-11 Iskra 3H-1409

In 20th-23rd July in Cracow, a team of modelers and aviation enthusiast have restored painting of TS-11 Iskra 3H-1409 i Polish Aviation Museum. She was repainted in original colors from 1992, when 40th anniversary of 28 Fighter Regiment was celebrated.
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TS-11 Iskra tooling is almost finished

forma modelu TS-11 Iskra
When the Polish modeling internet discuss new RWD-8 kit like soap opera, imperceptibly coming era of jet aviation. When TS-11 Iskra not yet aroused emotions such as RWD model, we decided to dispel possible doubts in advance. See now foreshadowing of what was coming …
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Correction set for 1/72 RWD-8 kit from IBG

RWD-8 poprawka ibg
RWD-8 scale 1/72 from IBG was released at the end of last month. Set advantages are abvoiusly easy assembly and good price. Unfortunately wing makes some serious accuracy problems and it has been pointed immediately by modelers. See quick solution of that problems with new resin set from  Attack Squadron.
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Plastic model kit from Arma Hobby

zapowiedź iskra plastik
If I was told at beginning of Arma Hobby it will happen, I would not belive. I would not even dream about. We just wanted with Marcin Ciepierski to manufacture resin bombs and some resin kits. But thanks to a very good response from modelers we are here now!
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PZL-130 Orlik from Arma Hobby – why not?

PZL-130 Orlik is the only Polish military aircraft construction, which can still be produced for military customers in Poland and abroad. A beautiful airplane, Polish cadets are trained in the School of the Eaglets. PZL-130 TC2 takes part in air shows in the team “Orlik”. Inevitably, it must attract the attention of modelers and manufacturers of models. See how Orlik model project from Arma Hobby proceeded and how far the project had gone .
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Hataka Hobby model colors

In our shop Arma Hobby we have introduced model paints from new company Hatake Hobby from Poland. We recommend them not only because they are acrylic paints, with high world-class quality. Their value is great emphasis on historical fidelity of colors.
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