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Hataka Hobby model colors

In our shop Arma Hobby we have introduced model paints from new company Hatake Hobby from Poland. We recommend them not only because they are acrylic paints, with high world-class quality. Their value is great emphasis on historical fidelity of colors.
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Building TS-11 Iskra EZ-set – part 1

Model of Iskra lands in the modelers workbench. There are first reviews online and we have got number of e-mails from happy customers. It is a goot time to take the next step. Today we begin a series of articles describing the assembly of model. See how to...
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Building PZL P.1 – part 4 insignia

pomalowany p.1
Insignia on PZL P.1 model, as well as on other scale models make its identity and character. Big registration codes with even bigger red decorations are very hard to apply on corrugated surface of PZL kit.  They would be a challenge not only to beginner but also to...
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Building PZL P.1 – part 3 painting

maskowanie białego PZL P.1 1/48
After assembly of PZL P.1 model kit it was a good time to start painting. White paint is always a challenge. It is very hard to achieve god coverage and realistic effect. See how PZL P.1 receives paint and how to have realistic shaded white. Incoming search terms:pzl...
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Building PZL P.1 – part 1 cockpit

wnętrze PZL P.1 - model 1:48
We are building PZL P.1 1:48 scale model kit. Model was already commented on Polish modeling forums, so it is a good opportunity to speak about details. See part 1 – cockpit and check our guides to quick and easy assembly!
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