Autor: Ppłk rez. dr Tomasz J. Kopański – historyk, autor wielu książek o dziejach polskiego lotnictwa wojskowego oraz monografii polskich samolotów. Author: Res. Lt. Col. Dr. Tomasz J. Kopański – historian, author of many books about the history of Polish Air Forces and Polish airplane’s monographies.
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Stefan Bastyr – first pilot of the independent Poland

Fokker Bastyra
5th November should be celebrated as the Day of the Polish Air Forces. While the first liberated occupant’s airbase was in Cracow, the first fight for the Polish independence has been fought by the aviators from the City of Lwów. On that day pilot Lt. Stefan Bastyr and observer Lt. Janusz de Beaurain, after take-off from the Lwów-Lewandówka airfield, bombed and strafed Persenkówka station, where the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen have come by train to capture...
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