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Grzegorz Szymanowski has send us pictures of his PZL model kits from Arma Hobby collection 1/72 scale. It contains P.7a and P.11c from plastic and P.11 from resin. See pictures and read Grzegorz’s notes on kits building.

The P.11 prototype is an excellent resin model kit. I have already written about PZL P.7a on several forums – it is much better than rumours, I was building it with great pleasure, although I think that Techmod decals were better, especially when it comes to the colour of the national insignia than the Cartograf version. The model has a peel of paint on the leading edge precisely according to the photos of this aeroplane, made in the air.
However, compared to P.7a, the PZL P.11c is even better. I have built two models so far – one straight from the box (junior set), the second – from an expert set, but with a decal from the junior – I submitted some scratch building in the cockpit (bomb dropping mechanism, wires, etc.). Models were painted with Hataka C-series paints, airbrush, and weathered with Tamiya wash. Building both PZL P.7a and P. 11c, I used Yahu tables (to P.11c it required a slight trimming). In the model with “8” markings on the fuselage before the photo session, the viewfinder was bent, which I unnoticed until after the fact (already repaired;))

Zdjęcia: ©Grzegorz Szymanowski

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