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Hurricane P3731/J in defence of Malta

Colour Profile Hurricane P3731/J
Air defence of Malta during the Second World War is popularised by a story of the Sea Gladiator biplanes nicknamed Faith, Hope and Charity. Their fight against odds with Italian bombers in June and July 1940 is one of the most famous episodes of the war. Malta a small island named “Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier” by Sir Winston Churchill was a vital strongpoint to break Axis supplies routes to Africa. It was also the place of...
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Hurricane Mk.I Trop V7476 – the Only One on Australian Soil

kolorowy profil Hurricane Nk I trop V7476 w malowaniu RAAF
Although Royal Australian Air Force used Hawker Hurricane fighters during the Second World War only one aircraft of this type was delivered to Australia. It was Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Trop/V7476 and was shipped there in 1941, when this version was found obsolete and Hawker Hurricane Mk.II with Rolls Royce XX engine was replacing its older brother.
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