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Today PZL P.7a plastic parts sprues photos are Published. A model that has been produced with a lot of effort and passion. Thank you to all who supported us on this project! Here are plastic parts.

wypraski pzl p.7a arma hobby 1/72 pzl p.7a from arma hobby - plastic sprues

We are very glad with model general shape, corrugated panels on wings and tailplanes and model parts fit. PZL P.7a kit builds quick and easy. Even long exhaust pipes are assembly without problem. We only regret some plastic flash around parts that are result of our inexperience in model tooling. Also we would like slightly better fuselage sides surface. Cockpit interior is very well detailed even without photoetched parts.

Tomorrow photos of photoetched parts and painting masks will be posted. Then resin accessories and color schemes. Model will be released late next week.

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